Invest to Impact (ITOI) Network Foundation is an educational body of educators
and volunteers pursuing philanthropic aims.

Invest to Impact (ITOI) Network Foundation is an educational body of educators and volunteers pursuing philanthropic aims.


Every successful person being has a story, and in that story someone invested their time or advice or financials to make that person successful. There's always something in everyone's part to invest for someone's success, and that's the true Pay It Forward.

Invest to Impact Network Foundation's mission is to enable people who are very much interested in helping others, but not have an opportunity to do so in an efficient way.


The Mission of Invest to Impact (ITOI) Network Foundation is to connect the professionals and philanthropists encouraging to Invest their time and resources towards the support of disadvantaged, under privileged and potential individuals with education, research, coaching and financial support for career growth and quality of life.


Give Charity

Connecting donors and providers on behalf of the needy GiveCharity, a crowdfunding platform for online donation and fundraising, helps you raise from donors worldwide, for yourself or on behalf of your family & friends. As a donor, you can donate for any cause that matters the most to you, and the funds will be directly given to the service provider. As a needy person, you can make a request for donations to any cause and raise funds using GiveCharity platform, which will be paid directly to your service provider.


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Ben John

Founder and President
Invest To Impact (ITOI) Network Foundation

Ben John

Ben John is the Founder and President of Invest To Impact (ITOI) Network Foundation based in New Jersey, USA. He is a technology leader, entrepreneur, board member of several professional and non profit organizations.

He has completed a PhD in Computer Science focusing on improving effectiveness in Open Social Learning. He is passionate about Pay It Forward. His life long goal is to leverage his technical expertise and people skills to build a network connecting people to make an impact in many people's lives across the globe. He started ITOI in 2019 by joining hands with like minded leaders. He lives in New Jersey with his wife Sasi, and two daughters Jenica and Jesintha.

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Rajesh Duthie

Invest To Impact (ITOI) Network Foundation

Rajesh Duthie

Rajesh Duthie is one of the Directors of Invest To Impact (ITOI) Network Foundation’s Indian counterpart. He is a Visionary Leader and a Pioneer, who founded GiveCharity, MHS Health Care and Inherit Initiative Foundations.

He completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science in the domain of Artificial Intelligence, specializing in Knowledge Representation and Reasoning. He is passionate about Missions, Pioneer Initiatives, Marketplace Commitments, Crowdfunding for Charity, and Purpose Driven Preaching. He lives in Bihar, India with his wife Sheela, an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, daughters Aminna, Christina, and son Asher. Aminna is training to be a medical doctor, Christina is training to be a computer engineer and Asher is in High School.